You Have Been Investing Wrong, and Here is Why

Robert Kiyosaki, founder of Rich Dad company, in his book, The Cash Flow Quadrant, explained how most people typically make their income in at least one of four ways or a combination thereof – working for others (Employees); working for themselves (Self Employed); having others work for them (Business owner) and having money work for them […]

Three Steps to Success in Real Estate Investing

Unfortunately, many people never get started with real estate investing. Some people really appreciate what real estate can do for them, but they get stuck and never start. Here are some excuses that people give for not investing in real estate: The list of excuses can go on, but the aforementioned excuses tend to be […]

Single Family vs. Multi-Family Real Estate Investing

We have now seen six reasons how you’ll be setting yourself up for financial freedom by investing in the most multi-dimensional asset class, ever. We have also examined the importance of having a solid education, doing analysis the right way, and having mentor(s) as you progress along in your real estate journey. As you decide […]

Getting Started with Real Estate Investing

It starts with knowing exactly why you want to get into real estate investing. It’s not a “get-rich-quick-scheme”. There will be frustrating moments that can get you floored if you don’t have a solid reason why you are getting into it – tenants will leave unexpectedly, the proverbial toilet will leak, and everything that can […]

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